10th Aug 2018

Celebs on the Farm – which farm? It’s Lunsford Farm

New reality TV show Celebs on The Farm is airing on Channel 5 and 5 Star from Monday 20th to Friday 31st August. And every episode of the 10 part series will feature many an entertaining moment on the main farm location – it’s Lunsford Farm in East Sussex.

Lunsford Farm is a 300-acre sheep and cattle farm, situated on the coastline and in the village of Pett, just west of Rye, and east of Hastings. Lunsford Farm was chosen when the producers of Celebs on the Farm approached us at Farm Locations to find the perfect location for their new entertainment show.

Lunsford Farm was workplace and home to the celebs for 10 days of filming earlier this Summer. They shed blood, sweat and tears working on a huge range of farm tasks and what better farm to work at. Lunsford Farm is home to sheep, cattle, horses and chickens, as well as growing potatoes, cereals and apples. The farm’s setting on the coastline of East Sussex, has fields extending up from the seashore and over to the top of the hills; it is overflowing with beautiful landscapes, old farm buildings and wonderful farm hosts – including some very friendly hens.

Most film or photo shoots on farm locations tend to follow a formula of simply hiring the backdrops, and the farmer can often carry on his normal daily life for the most part of the day. This time, Lunsford Farm and the owners have been involved in filming at a whole new level. For one, 8 celebrities worked here and stayed here – 24/7. For two, a whole mix of real Lunsford Farm tasks were filmed here, and for three, the farmer Andrew also become one of the stars of the show himself. And not only that, but producers Goowoo Media also encouraged a local interest, and many of the villagers and local businesses were involved too.

Don’t miss the 10 episodes of Celebs on the Farm: 10pm Monday- Fridays starting Monday 20th August on Channel 5 and sister channel, 5 Star.


Other Farms Featured on Celebs on the Farm

As well as Lunsford Farm being the main farm location, there were three other farms featured on the show. Take a look here at all farms that were featured, all sourced and arranged by us here at Farm Locations.

More Details on Lunsford Farm

See the full details of Lunsford Farm as a film or photoshoot location here on the Lunsford Farm page

More About Farm Locations

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