02nd Feb 2015

All Kinds of Walls on a Farm

Farm walls offer a huge array of interesting backgrounds for a film or photo shoot at a farm location.

My personal favourite wall on the farm is the wriggly type, corrugated tin. With years of weather and wear, its colours age gracefully, in a patchwork of patching up, all pleasingly propped up with old stakes and whatnots. How brilliant to read this week, about Ella Doran’s full-on celebration of corrugated tin in her latest wallpaper design here.

Take a look at just one of our make-do-and-mend corrugated walls which are scattered across our farm locations in Kent and East Sussex.

An old side to an old shed

And here’s a curved version of the wriggly stuff, adorning the walls of some disused grain silos on the Romney Marsh.

Disused grain silos

Timber-clad buildings are in plentiful supply on farms which have been part of the landscape for hundreds of years. All sorts of shapes and sizes tell their own individual story. This granary at Great Knights Farm in East Sussex was built on brick posts to once protect its grain from vermin, now protecting its resident barn owl from prying eyes.

The granary

Restoration projects also take place on farms, preserving their very distinctive architectural history. One such project is the restored Sussex barn at Hare Farm, near Rye which is also home to a resident barn owl.

The restored sussex barn

Every old farmyard is incomplete without a lovely old brick building. Brick walls hold so much character for film or photography shoots. Great Knights Farm in East Sussex includes an original granary, livestock barn and farmer’s cottage.

Stairs of granary

Ageing brickwork, inside and out

Brickwork ages beautifully, adding character year on year. Crumbling and weathered, or well-maintained and robust, every brick wall is individual in design.

This disused dairy parlour at Manor Farm in Kent can tell a story or two when once a hive of activity at milking time.

Entrance to a disused dairy shed

And not to be outdone by the corrugated variety, brick walls can also come in the curved form too. Hare Farm Oast in East Sussex is an architectural delight with its three large roundels.

Cylindrical, beautiful architecture

Brick, timber, tin, concrete, render, steel, mud, straw….the materials list goes on and on for the types of walls to be found on a farm.

Old original farm buildings

New storage shed, with solar PV panels

So enough said. Farm locations really do offer a hugely interesting array of walls to be used as backdrops for a film or photo shoot. And here at Farm Locations, the choice is the widest out there, all within an hour or so’s drive from London.

Just give Jo a call on 07802 979348. I’m here to help arrange your ideal farm location shoot.




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