05th Jan 2021

Lockdown 3 Locations

So it’s Day 1 of Lockdown 3 and we are all coming to terms with what this means for our businesses, families and daily lives. It’s light relief to have received confirmation that productions can still continue, where working from home is impossible. As an industry, we continue to follow the Covid protocols for keeping everyone safe whilst filming, and for the farm locations, most are still very happy to host, knowing that attentive measures are in place.

On Day 1 in Lockdown, we have hosted a small photographic shoot at Valley Farm in Buckinghamshire. The crew all received a rapid test before travelling to the farm, a Covid supervisor remained on site all day, and the crew based themselves outside and at a shoot lodge, fully away from the owners and their own home. The backdrops of fields, lake, trees and big skies were used to cover 30 different looks in what must be a short day in January (9-3pm for good light).

Top locations to shoot at during Lockdown

Valley Farm, Buckinghamshire

Hosted by a willing owner, Valley Farm is well-set for lockdown. Crews have exclusive use of a warm crew base set among trees and on the edge of fields, and as well as the variety of landscapes, buildings and animals on offer (including puppies and lambs), the owner has plenty of spare sets of wellies and waders for when it’s wet underfoot! It’s also super convenient on the west side of London.

South Farm, Kent

The beauty of South Farm is its large country house which has a distinct vintage 60s / 70s style, is fully furnished and heated, but not lived in currently. It’s preserved now for productions and has been a popular new entry during 2020. The house is large and serves as a great production base too, with the rest of the farm within walking distance.

Cherry Farm, Hertfordshire

The owners have worked hard during 2020 to create a crew base outside of their own house, to be more Covid-friendly. A lovely barn loft conversion and garden loo now serve well to crews. The farm is just outside the M25 and very convenient for north of London.

Pitch Farm, Buckinghamshire 

New to Farm Locations at the end of last year , Pitch Farm has an empty main house which is great as a base, and the courtyard buildings are also un-used. This farm is all yours.

Hall Farm, Sussex 

Hall Farm normally is full of large groups, but not at the moment. There is so much space indoors and out here. Take the opportunity to take it over now.


Hitch Farm, Hertfordshire

A wide array outdoor spots are within easy walking distance from a separate crew base (warm lodge in farmyard), and still with access to one end of the main house which isn’t lived in so is completely Covid secure, and full of old country vibes.

And did you know that many of our locations also have holiday lets on their farms.  During lockdown, holiday-makers cannot stay there so here’s your chance to use them as a a well-equipped, warm crew base all set up for you, and being a little further out of London than the others, that’s ok as you can stay overnight there too.

Range Farm, Kent

Grand country house and old parkland.

Hare Farm, Sussex

Valley location with sheep, dramatic lake setting, working farm and derelict farmyard

Red Brick Farm, Cambridgeshire 

Red brick farmyard, cattle and fields

Hamilton Estate, Northamptonshire 

Big country mansion and parkland

Little Hill Farm, Sussex 

Old farmhouse, valley side and cattle

Brewham Farm, Somerset 

Smart stone house, outbuildings and fields

Foxfield Farm, Kent 

Woodland, fields, cattle and pond

Ley Farm, Sussex 

Woodland, fields, house and barn

Sheep Farm, Kent 

Marsh landscape, flooded areas, sheep and farmyard

Kingsland Farm, Kent 

Nature reserve, wildlife, large timbered barn and farmhouse

Old House Farm, Sussex 

Farmhouse, isolated cottage, working yard and fields

Humphries Farm, Sussex

On the top of hill. Old pasture, gardens and shed.

Square Farm, Kent

Barn, granary, wild gardens and woodland

Place Farm, Kent 

Market garden, working farm and plenty of accommodation

Let’s help you arrange a lockdown location

We personally have hand-picked all the locations and know the owners well. We are here to help secure a location that’s safe and meets your brief.

Just today a brief came in for a shoot that can no longer take place in Tenerife. We have found a location with a water alternative and some sumptuous interiors to compensate. (We even have camels if you were planning to fly to the Sahara!)

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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