The Farms and Shoot Locations

Take a look at all the shoot locations below. All are based on farms in the South of England. Here you can filter your search further, or please contact Jo with your brief and through her own knowledge of each and every farm, she’ll present a tailored proposal back to you.

Big ViewsFieldsGardensMarshlandRolling HillsOrchardsWaterWildWoodlandWorking Farms
DerelictFarmyardsGlampingGreenhousesHouses (Exteriors)Houses (Interiors)Barns and Sheds
A MixChicken / GeeseCowsSheep / GoatsHorses / PoniesPigs
A MixCerealsFlowersFruitsSeedsVegetables
BridgesFarm MachineryFarm VehiclesPrivate Roads / TracksRailways